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Dear Mother,

Greetings from your flesh mama. I tried to draw the definition of missing but realized just in time it would be impractical so I just had to put it in all caps, perhaps hoping it will make sense, I MISS YOU. You always said time flies and for sure it has yet the bond seems to even grow stronger despite us being far yonder. I’m still maintaining the ‘baba’ figure, though all grown up now. You won’t enjoy caressing my goatee as you used to do while you bathed me, I mean it’s quite in a mess now but so was dad’s. The muscles, mama, you remember how I used to admire father’s?  Now this is different. A new definition of masculinity, yet I still feel it’s like nothing. I still outsource my entire protection from you mama. You always wanted me to be responsible, all the best for me is what you had on your mind and I really do appreciate. Mum, you remember beating me up when I ran outside naked during bath time. You warned me and said some things are not to be seen, as simple as that and no explanation given. But I’m kind of confused, girls here mama do rounds in semi-naked outfits. I mean, is there something hidden from me? You told me it was bad yet it’s quite the opposite of that and people love it. They call it being part of our time and it makes the girls instant celebrities before the eyes of fellow young men. Mama, I don’t and will never doubt your teachings. I know little of Bible but I believe this is not it. Please don’t start forming pictures, I haven’t tried anything crazy nor have I any plans. Ok, that aside, here’s something to cheer you up. The promise mama. The one promise I made to you after dad’s untimely departure. The promise that I will never lay my hands on alcohol let alone the thought of it. I’m proud to tell you that the promise is still held onto and swear it to the heaves today that it will never be broken.

The one packet of socks that you always insist I have them with me is still intact. My friends are also adopting the culture from me all courtesy of you. That reminds me mum; you are a genius, never shying away from the truth. They say birds of same feather do the flocking together and I have been cautious on whom I pick as a friend, I mean these are the ending times. You always warned me against bragging and I think I now understand better. Experience can be the best teacher. I got your mail and though it’s been difficult I’m doing all the best to implement the talk-less do-more policy but you said it was father’s idea and oh yes! I can make it. Mama, your son also has the crazy side. I got myself in some brawl and I now have a scar on my forehead, a small one. Wait, no need for alarm, I’m good. Probably this happened because you never told me that I don’t have to fight to prove I’m a man. I’m not blaming you mum, far from it but my point is parents can’t teach everything and some things we just have to learn for ourselves.

As I put the final ink on this paper, again remember I LOVE YOU. Greet everyone for me. Papa especially, tell him I miss his crazy stories and though it might sound childish, I yearn for them. Mum, I’m sure grandma always wanted to hear from dad how he was doing relationship wise back in the days. You understand what I’m saying…Ok something is cooking and mum your son can choose a perfect one. Trust me. Let’s just leave at that because you will come to see what I’m saying. Till we meet mama, do me one favor, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FOR ME


Your Son



Down memory lane and I’m like wow! The level of imagination was just amazing. I kinda wonder who invented kids because they’re so brilliant, adults are but kids with money so you understand what I’m saying. We did yearn to grow up, to experience what it felt like to be called an adult but that did not prevent us from being one, in imaginary world. Growth took place and In no time childhood dreams were intertwined with new worries and perhaps reality comes in. Despite this, some wishes still remain universal and applies to most kids if not all.
I want to be strong like father and kind like mother.
They talk of gender equity each time I spot the news but let’s face the facts, woman will always be women and men will always be men. No level of equilibrium will be achieved, I need not scientific proof, trust me, so as we grew up, the father figure was the strength of the house, lucky for those who had fathers. It is he who built chickens’ pen in the backyard, loaded those heavy stuff to a safer distance for mama and struck the cane when it was necessary for us to be straightened to the right direction. Mama also used to receive hers, when dad saw it appropriate to counter any threats, which wasn’t bad. What was left for us boys was to admire what father was and we swore to the heaves to pull a better version when the time comes. Mama stood out for her kindness. Picture this, she was the one who reported us to father for any misbehavior but she would plead with father to make the punishment lighter when the screams became loud. Mother was always the one to entertain visitors with delicacies and I saw her quite often visit a children’s home nearby with other chama members. I guess being a catholic made my perspective more clear given in mind the kindness of mother Mary. A promise arose, to fuse mothers’ kindness in dad’s amazing figure when I grow up. I guess it was different for sister. She was more inclined to mother and i could only imagine her pulling a replica of mother.
To reach where they did not.
Father and mother did their best to provide for us but that did not prevent us seeing the loopholes that existed given in mind we had classmates in school who were much better off. We were familiar with all the footpaths as they were being driven and we had to work out what to do as they enjoyed their snacks during break times. Funny thing, this did nothing to the love we had to our parents but brought the desire to take from where our parents had reached to greater levels. Setbacks came in, and some of us lost the way but those of us who made it are to day evaluating if we have beat this or are in the journey. I cannot tell the wishes of those kids who were on the other side, their parents had reached greater heights so I guess for them it was all about maintaining it, which for me I think it was tricky for them that’s why I appreciated where my parents were because it gave me an opportunity to prove that I can pull ends stronger. Meanwhile, WHEN I GROW UP…….
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