Stupidity is a poor ability to understand, that’s just as far as my dictionary is concerned. I beg to differ. Now I’m sounding stupid, right? Ok, have a deep breath first before turning the nudge into some hard push. Digging into the archives and one can get how past big names came down because they refused to think, yea to think not to understand. This is far from stupidity. Thinking and understanding go hand In hand but not always yet the former comes first. Sometimes I love being called stupid, because at times I think I am. Mr. Genius, accompany me to a pub, let’s do some tequila shots and we put it straight who is closer to intelligence.
It is normal to get angry at someone so is it to get hungry. Disagreements do happen perhaps to remind us we are human. I get to love guys who take it to their fists to bring order on table, sadly which is not always the case and term it uncivilized because it is. And, yes the ladies who spit all the shit at each other in the broad daylight. Guess why….because you get to know what they feel and hold against you, but what happens to those who conceal. Picture this, I get a friend’s back on day one but come day two, we are strangers. Complete strangers that I get cold shivers when we bump into each other on the corridors. I explore every possible way to find out what’s the big deal but the friend cum stranger cannot talk. I don’t like this man, not at all. I’d prefer the facts being put straight on my face because facts are always one thing, the truth. Such people always insist everything is okay yet it is all clear things are not alright, so what happens here? Stupidity comes in. I go like everything is fine, in fact very good. The title ‘stranger’ is so perfect for a friend for that matter. And greetings are so overrated so how amazing of us not to greet each other when we meet. I loved it when you acted not to know me, drama is my thing so lady, nice show. You ought not to answer my texts because I’m an angel and don’t need two-way conversation. When you make errors it’s so okay, when I make, it’s a sin, because I think you’re more than our breed. Your space lies vacant in heaven, and we only hope we’ll make a rejoinder to eternity when the day comes. Of course you shall be happy seeing us kissing your feet.
We can’t share a roof no more; perhaps I will cause it to fall on you. Maybe I just have some unknown powers. You’re the eighth wonder of the world so I will worship you, continue kneeling and begging you to be my ‘stranger’. I hear you speak badly of me, which is so perfect because after all, I lack something good to speak of me. Above all, I’m unapproachable. You can’t reach me; tell me this is how I wronged you because I have no ears. You can’t tell me you didn’t like it when I did bla bla to you because you’re my slave with every freedom to keep quiet. But why do you seem nervous when you see me. That’s not how strangers react to each other. Try harder to conceal everything and let’s pretend the more, because above all we love it, and it’s what we should do.
The cravings are on, I have eyes. The game is working. They say some things are just inherited so blame my fore fathers. I can’t shout, my voice has good use elsewhere nether can I cry because I’m a man, past boyhood, trust me, so for the time, I STICK TO MY STUPIDITY