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A paint on the 9th commandment.

She was the kind of woman who said, “I hope this special day is infused with beauty and light and that all your hopes and dreams crystallize into a loving reality emanating from an equally loving universe.”  He would have been more comfortable if she just said. “Happy birthday.”

He was the kind of man who said. ”Whenever I see one of those tired, middle-aged, balding schmucks pushing a baby carriage down street behind this thirty-year old, yoga-fed, Pilate-sized, armoire shopping , second wife, I can’t help but feel a wave of pity for the poor, toad-like bastard.” She would have been more comfortable if he just said. “I don’t really want more kids.”

She was the kind of woman who said. ”What difference does it make if I’ve slept with rock stars, movie stars and sports legends? You measure up quite nicely to all those guys.” He would have been more comfortable if she just said. “Stand still while I stab you in the heart with my intrauterine device.”

He was the kind of man who said. ‘I’m a worn-out, emotional wreck who’s incapable of anything resembling warmth, love and intimacy, but I have a lot of money and you’ll never want for anything.” She would have been more comfortable if he just said… No, actually she was entirely comfortable with the way he put it. In other words, the way I put it.


Maybe the Mayans were right

A post-poll Kenya goes down on its knees. The aftermath: a shambling economy and a trail of over 660,000 internally displaced persons. Sorry for taking you back, I was only trying to make a point here. Five years later and lessons seem not to have been learnt.


The birth of a new constitution in 2010 marked a new chapter for the country, the craze that followed the promulgation ceremony only lead to one conclusion; birth of a new nation. At least for anyone that minded to take a look could see light at the end of the tunnel under the new dispensation. So when some regions of the country experienced acute chaos in party primaries five years later after our lowest point many questions begin to pop up. Dirty politics is rooted in many societies even in the west. That is beside the point. The difference lies on the citizens. Politicians still incite you to turn against your brother? Shame on you! It’s a pity that people can be so ignorant.

A minute past midnight of 21st of December last year and a buzz breaks about a failed apocalypse. The mayans are laughed at, they were wrong. Come a new year and one may think they were right after all. We are buying out time. Just like a football game, our existence here is only kept by the need to break unknown tie. A period of extra time that is very short. Our time might just be up. We are a failed state. A timebomb looms ahead, 20 days as from this day lest something is done. The black messiah where are you? So were the Mayans right? Just maybe….

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. 

~Berthold Auerbach

Weka usitegemee bahati, mtaka cha mvunguni kuinama ni sharti…“, starts off a female vocalist then pops in a male voice, “Ruka kwenye hewa zama kwa maji kama chewa…“. Meet a local duet of a 2009 African Achievement Award winnning Mzungu Kichaa featuring afro-fusion Dela in African Hustle.


The song came out late last year and from the beginning one thing is evident: inspiration. African Hustle is a positive message of putting effort in what we do and reap off from our hard work. The song is a mixture of Bongo Flava, a wildly popular Tanzanian style of hip-hop that uses arabesque melodies with elements of afrobeat and dancehall sealed with afro-soul. Mzungu Kichaa is white, Danish who grew up in Tanzania and came to fall in love with the local culture seeing himself adopt a local Swahili name that means crazy white man. He sings in fluent Kiswahili and is well know in East Africa.

The Track is a fresh single from Kichaa’s EP Hustle released on first December of last year. Dela on the other hand is a Kenyan neo-soul singer who happens to be one of Kichaa’s favorite locally. “Africa will rise up with African Hustle..” the star throws in some line, happens to be my best part; the message. For a lover of Afro-soul, this is a must listen. The song is available on iTunes.





Young men from upcountry moving into big cities in search of greener pastures has almost become a trend. Nothings tells this story better than Nairobi Half Life. Mwas(Joseph Wairimu), a young village boy aspiring to be an actor dreams of making it big in the city.


The movie starts off in a rural setting characterized majorly by the use of local dialect. The young man’s innocence is evident here. This dramatically changes as the dude makes an entrance into Nairobi; the sound track makes a shift from the local Agikuyu song to urbane hip-hop. All things seems to go wrong for Mwas from the moment he sets his foot on the ground. He loses everything. The rest of the story is all about trying to make a living in a world full of crime, deceit, corruption and injustice. You might have to close your eyes at some point. Aside from the dirty picture: love. The story is twisted in amazing drama exposing the grim side of a big city. The wrap is what most might term as a happy ending but for my case it was an emotional one.

The film is directed by Tosh Gitonga and has become a success partly attributed to the massive social media campaign by the production company, One Fine Day Films. It has attracted a crowd of 10,000 since its premier September last year grossing well over 7 million shillings in local tickets sales alone.

A newbie joins twitter and after a while starts to pick up in this amazing world of social media. Then someday he spots a tweet from one of his following and it’s from a client with his name. I have been in those shoes and went like ‘I want this’. There are various ways of building a twitter app most of which are tedious as they require lots of setup and above all, require prior knowledge in coding with some programming languages. That might be a miss for a person like me who was just starting on python-django framework.

For this to work. You must have a python installation on your computer so probably it will be relevant and make sense quite easily to python users. I took the steps bellow to creating my new twitter client; tweets posted from my Ubuntu terminal.

 Step 1: Downloading Tweepy.

Tweepy is a twitter library python that basically handles all twitter functionalities per say. You can install it in your system using pip install tweepy or downloading it from then manually installing it.

Step 2: Creating a new twitter application with Twitter.

Log into your twitter account then navigate to to create a new client. It should look as below. Fill in the details making sure the access type is read & write. The name you give is what will appear in you tweet as via say me. Click save once you are done. The next page will be the OAuth tool page will have Consumer key, Customer secret, Access key and access secret. Take note of them.


Creation of a new twitter client

Step 3: Connecting Twitter account to the client.

Open the python shell (type python on the terminal). Then input the following filling in your Customer key and secret from the OAuth tool page.

>>> import tweepy


>>> auth_url = auth.get_authorization_url()

>>> print ‘Please authorize: ‘ + auth_url

Copy paste the generated url to your browser and navigate to it. You should see the window as below. Click on authorize app and some PIN will be generated for you. Enter the PIN in the terminal and proceed as below.


Authorizing the twitter client


>>> print “ACCESS_KEY = ‘%s’” % auth.access_token.key

Make a note of this ACCESS_KEY

>>> print “ACCESS_SECRET = ‘%s’” % auth.access_token.secret

Make a note of this ACCESS_SECRET

Step 4: Sending tweet from the terminal via your client.

Open a new python shell and enter the following replacing it with your OAuth values.

>>> import tweepy

>>> auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(‘PASTE_CONSUMER_KEY’, ‘PASTE_CONSUMER_SECRET’)

>>> auth.set_access_token(‘PASTE_ACCESS_KEY’, ‘PASTE_ACCESS_SECRET’)

>>> api = tweepy.API(auth)

>>> api.update_status(“YOUR TWEET”)

In the last line, the values in the bracket ie YOUR TWEET becomes your tweet. You can replace it with what you want to tweet. If it goes well, that tweet should appear in you timeline. Save the following as a script in your system(use .sh extension) as below and know that you have understand, you need to paste your values.


script to save

To send a tweet. Open terminal then to open type ./ “YOUR TWEET”. It should send your tweet to your timeline. There we go. Enjoy having to tweet from terminal that basically ends up having your tweets posted from your client.

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