Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. 

~Berthold Auerbach

Weka usitegemee bahati, mtaka cha mvunguni kuinama ni sharti…“, starts off a female vocalist then pops in a male voice, “Ruka kwenye hewa zama kwa maji kama chewa…“. Meet a local duet of a 2009 African Achievement Award winnning Mzungu Kichaa featuring afro-fusion Dela in African Hustle.


The song came out late last year and from the beginning one thing is evident: inspiration. African Hustle is a positive message of putting effort in what we do and reap off from our hard work. The song is a mixture of Bongo Flava, a wildly popular Tanzanian style of hip-hop that uses arabesque melodies with elements of afrobeat and dancehall sealed with afro-soul. Mzungu Kichaa is white, Danish who grew up in Tanzania and came to fall in love with the local culture seeing himself adopt a local Swahili name that means crazy white man. He sings in fluent Kiswahili and is well know in East Africa.

The Track is a fresh single from Kichaa’s EP Hustle released on first December of last year. Dela on the other hand is a Kenyan neo-soul singer who happens to be one of Kichaa’s favorite locally. “Africa will rise up with African Hustle..” the star throws in some line, happens to be my best part; the message. For a lover of Afro-soul, this is a must listen. The song is available on iTunes.