A post-poll Kenya goes down on its knees. The aftermath: a shambling economy and a trail of over 660,000 internally displaced persons. Sorry for taking you back, I was only trying to make a point here. Five years later and lessons seem not to have been learnt.


The birth of a new constitution in 2010 marked a new chapter for the country, the craze that followed the promulgation ceremony only lead to one conclusion; birth of a new nation. At least for anyone that minded to take a look could see light at the end of the tunnel under the new dispensation. So when some regions of the country experienced acute chaos in party primaries five years later after our lowest point many questions begin to pop up. Dirty politics is rooted in many societies even in the west. That is beside the point. The difference lies on the citizens. Politicians still incite you to turn against your brother? Shame on you! It’s a pity that people can be so ignorant.

A minute past midnight of 21st of December last year and a buzz breaks about a failed apocalypse. The mayans are laughed at, they were wrong. Come a new year and one may think they were right after all. We are buying out time. Just like a football game, our existence here is only kept by the need to break unknown tie. A period of extra time that is very short. Our time might just be up. We are a failed state. A timebomb looms ahead, 20 days as from this day lest something is done. The black messiah where are you? So were the Mayans right? Just maybe….