Sorry for being too quiet. Things have been pretty busy this side. I’m not to take the whole blame though. I was wondering why you guys didn’t respond to my first letter. I thought maybe the angels set a bar but then brushed it off as illogical. Anyways, I’m fine. This is awkward to ask but how is the going over there? Grandpa says it’s all merry so I can only imagine how much fun you guys are into. It makes me kind of jealous. I heard one time this preacher say that when we go to heaven, we turn to our youthful lives. You guys must have fallen in love again because dad would become irresistibly handsome and mum, a beauty.

Mama, I’m an uncle of two now. Big Sis has two children, Harriet and Hamlet. Hamlet is this 13-year old energetic young boy whom I’m made to believe acts like I used to. Playful and aggressive, he’s dubbed kichwa ngumu. It might be a phase in his life but I can’t resist sympathizing with his mum. If he’s a replica of what I used to be, then mama, I’m deeply sorry. Trailing behind him is Harriet. She’s two classes behind her elder brother. Harriet is an angel. She’s laid back and would make a perfect grandchild for you. I love the way she twitches her eyes, takes a deep breath and informally shouts my name, “ankooo”.

As for dad, Kenyan politics is all different now. We never grew up together that much but I’m certain you were a fan. Do you remember young Uhuru Kenyatta who used to walk most of the time with fierce mzee? He’s the president now. Kenyatta’s legacy still thrives. Sadly, they still haven’t established those behind the deaths of Robert Ouko and J.M Kariuki. Though you can now shout “Hatutaki Moi” without fear, intimidation is far from over. That aside, I’m growing to be as handsome as you used to be dad. The boys are good so is big sis.

Sad news; your business empire is no more. I can’t point an accusing finger but that’s exactly it. Dad, you were the greatest businessman I knew and mum the greatest manager. Things went sour immediately mum left. It’s no big deal though. That’s what earthly treasures do. They come and go, right? Half way with my university education, it’s been quite a journey. Haha…Mama I know what you’re thinking now but let me just put it straight. I haven’t found the right woman for myself yet. A whole life still ahead of me, I’m in no rush. I have an eye for one though.

Looking forward to your response this time round. I miss you guys so much but till we meet Inshallah.


The distance is nothing compared to our bond. Although same breath we might not share, we live side by side each and every day. Someday in glory, we shall celebrate to the applause of the heavens. So stay put, wipe the tears and cling to the hope.