It has always been hard for me to describe myself but let me give a shot. The Areba is an African child…haha wait  that one was simple right? He loves life and if I were to describe myself in one word it would be laughter.

One day I wake up and everything seems to have changed. Emptiness inside, no hunger, no thirst, no feelings, only surrounded by people crying. Trying to comprehend my fate; I knew exactly what it would be like. Year 2005: Death of my mother. I will always love you mum and dad that I barely knew better.

Slowly making a shift from hard rock to soothing neo-soul and jazz, poetry feeds me and watching movies remains my favorite pastime. Talking sports, rugby is my thing. On the professional side, I am a computer scientist, Ubuntu enthusiast and into web programming majoring on Ruby.

Once in a while being in solitude is a drug, just for a couple of hours doing nothing but probably thinking, not always though…